fireman's carry

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the act of carrying a person over your shoulder

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The whistle blows, and I hit him fast with a fireman's carry.
While the head tie-up is a good position from which to start a headlock or a fireman's carry, many wrestlers go into the position with no such intention in mind, and it frequently becomes a static or stalling position from which no one scores.
Then, there's Firefighter Frank - billed as ``One Hot Hunk'' - who has a bushy red mustache and does a great fireman's carry.
Here in the US, Ashrita Furman, the person with the most individual Guinness World Records, set another record for the fastest fireman's carry (carrying a person of equal weight on his back while running a mile) at 15 minutes 11.
The perfect addition to these single-leg takedowns is the fireman's carry series.
In short, we can shoot the fireman's carry with the same kind of inside step used in the high crotch takedown and, with one minor adjustment, we can shoot the fireman's carry with the same kind of outside step.
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