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a muzzle loader that had a flintlock type of gunlock


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It is well,' he answered, handing me back my firelock.
I cast my firelock between his legs as he raced past, and he rolled twice over like a shot rabbit.
Perceiving the bird was flown, at least despairing to find him, and rightly apprehending that the report of the firelock would alarm the whole house, our heroe now blew out his candle, and gently stole back again to his chamber, and to his bed; whither he would not have been able to have gotten undiscovered, had any other person been on the same staircase, save only one gentleman who was confined to his bed by the gout; for before he could reach the door to his chamber, the hall where the centinel had been posted was half full of people, some in their shirts, and others not half drest, all very earnestly enquiring of each other what was the matter.
I gave each of them a musket, with a firelock on it, and about eight charges of powder and ball, charging them to be very good husbands of both, and not to use either of them but upon urgent occasions.
Ricky Roberts and Bryan Brown are two historical re-enactors and amateur historians with a bit of a bug for the firelocks and an itch for Patrick Ferguson's Breech Loading Ordinance Rifle specifically.
By this contrivance none of the firelocks but those of the sentries will be wet or out of order.