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(a piece of) a substance that burns easily and can be used to start a coal or coke fire

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When they were two miles out, he used a blowtorch to ignite firelighters on the longship.
Incredibly, a third of hosts ask guests to bring along their own tableware, doilies and crockery and one in ten admit to asking guests to bring their own coals and even firelighters.
She was due to launch a whole new range of firelighters this week, complete with top group Ash dressed as firemen singing their hit Burn Baby Burn atop a giant revolving barbecue in Trafalgar Square.
The remote-controlled robot is designed to transport a light detection and ranging unit so that responders--such as police, military, firelighters, and search-and-rescue teams--can know more about dangerous structures before entering.
Cheats take the easy option of firelighters but a purist will always opt for scrunched up newspaper and dry sticks to get the home fire blazing.
Wood Fuel's range of kiln dried and eco-fuel logs, Blazers fuel logs, wood pellets, charcoal, kindling and natural firelighters, please visit their website at www.
Also found in his bedroom were weedkiller, firelighters, three tennis balls with diagrams on how to convert them into shrapnel bombs, firework powder, electrical timers and detonators.
The first food aisle was the seasonal BBQ aisle selling charcoal, barbecues, firelighters, picnic utensils and beers, wines, spirits and liqueurs.
He sold manuscripts off, lost them, used them as firelighters.
Arrange the charcoal 10cm deep in the middle of the grate and add a few firelighters.
Had they performed better, the crowd would have kept their firelighters in the pockets and the match would have reached a natural conclusion.
City of Pittsburgh, overturned a program the city created which required that 30 percent of its firelighters be women.
Barrier bags can also be used to separate items such as fish, eggs and firelighters.
He set to work with matches and firelighters, got the embers going, set the pail of sand below the window and sank the tree into it.
On walking into the shop all kinds of different cleaning smells hit your nostrils, like bottles of 'Aunt Sally' disinfectant, firelighters and paraffin, all familiar childhood aromas which somehow stay with your forever.