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Synonyms for firefly

tropical American click beetle having bright luminous spots

nocturnal beetle common in warm regions having luminescent abdominal organs

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That's where Firefly and its family of launch vehicles comes in.
Firefly is developing one combustor design that will be utilized to power both stages of their small-sat launcher, Firefly Alpha.
Scientists at Clemson University in South Carolina are concerned that firefly populations might be in decline.
The extremely affordable pricing on all Firefly flights will enable more travellers to enjoy hassle-free holiday that is easy on the wallet and experience our infamous Firefly hospitality," explained Ignatius Ong, Firefly's Chief Executive Officer.
The Fire Phone has a dedicated Firefly button in the lefthand side of the device.
The amazing Firefly Magic[R] Firefly Lights have been used in theme parks, nature centers, zoos, and museums, as well as on stage and in movies.
Once a week during firefly season, Firefly Watch volunteers tally the number of the flashing beetles they observe in their backyards during a 10-second time period.
Amateurs changed his mind twice about a type of firefly behavior he studies.
Fresh off a merger with Flint Creative (formerly Saggezza) in January, local networking, communications, and development company Firefly has formed another partnership, this time with Genext.
Firefly hope the organic stamp will help customers differentiate Firefly's all-natural waters from less-natural rivals.
And the firefly is no exception, says Kristin Steinmetz, a natural history guide at Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary in Worcester and Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary in Princeton.
Malaysia Airlines will launch a new subsidiary next month called Firefly that will operate two F50s out of Penang, according to press reports.
Such discoveries about firefly biology have been especially exciting to medical researchers.
The result was exciting enough to convince Caterpillar to transfer the scientists and all rights to the budding technology to a jointly funded company, Firefly Energy (Peoria, IL; www.
As the last firefly drifts skyward, Miko decides that the small dancing stars are more beautiful when they are free.