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In another heated firefight, Afghan authorities launched their own friendly fire investigation to determine the cause of death of six Afghan police officers and a teenager.
The Amirul Momineen is safe and was not in the area where the alleged firefight took place, Mujahid told The Express Tribune.
The military commander said the firefight ensued for five minutes as the Abu Sayyaf group managed to withdraw tagging along with them their wounded leader.
The three robbers -- Abdul Wahab alias Chota Narejo, Saleem and Zulfiqar -- were killed in the firefight.
Twelve days later, on June 26, the Navy said the two ships had engaged in the firefight with the pirates.
Summary: Firefight follows rebel ambush and kills at least six Shiite rebels and two soldiers near San.
The soldiers were returning to their post after a firefight with a group of militants in Alasay district of Kapisa province late on Monday.
A Central Security Forces (CSF) captain and a militant were killed in a firefight in Ard Al-Game'yat district in Ismailia on Tuesday early morning, according to Ministry of Interior spokesman Hany Abdel Latif.
Massachusetts police said they had not issued a gun license to 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who died after the firefight.
Orlando de Leon, commander of the Sulu-based marine brigade, said 14 Abu Sayyaf and eight MNLF rebels died during a three-hour firefight in Patikul township, citing unverified information that reached the military.
London, November 05, 2011 (Frontier Star): Six months after his death, a new book has claimed that Osama bin Laden was shot dead within 90 seconds of the beginning of a raid on his Pakistani hideout by US commandos, and not killed after a 45-minute firefight.
During a firefight, the last thing a machine gunner wants to do is stop fighting to change barrels, but that's how it has always been done with standard, single-steel-barreled machine guns.
Summary: Osama bin Laden has been killed in a firefight with US forces in Pakistan, President Barack Obama has announced.
They were caught in a firefight with Taliban gunmen and dashed to the rescue of a wounded man.
Summary: Srinagar, Kashmir, July 01, 2010, SPA -- Two Indian soldiers were killed in a firefight with militants trying to enter Indian-administered Kashmir Thursday as the region remained tense with a security clampdown to contain violent protests, dpa reported.