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metal supports for logs in a fireplace

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But few attract as much attention as Billy the firedog, who was recently my guest in Holyrood.
It was the sort of atmosphere in which you could imagine a discussion building around the Paddy Power Gold Cup, say, with a toothless old greybeard, squeezed in among the firedogs and other ironmongery, muttering about Dunkirk winning under 12st 7lb and pouring scorn upon this year's contenders, vying for conversational latitude with the acolytes of Half Free and Very Promising and the Bradbury Star/Dublin Flyer axis.
The volume concludes with four essays that consider the theme of metamorphosis, the use of the figure, firedogs, and the incorporation of sculpture in the production of late Baroque decorative arts.
It is in hand-carved limestone - the most popular material, has an ultra-modern stainless steel lining and marries well with spherical steel firedogs and a steel firebasket.
Individual parts of a fireplace such as cast-iron firebacks firedogs and firescreens can all be purchased cheaply.