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metal supports for logs in a fireplace

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How often do people from Cerrigydrudion get to see their crown, or people from Capel Garmon get to see their firedog which dates from 50BC to AD 50?
England has 19 firedogs and Duncan would like to see more here.
In Circuit City's integrated forums, knowledgeable staff and experts from the store's Firedog business regularly interact with users and help them determine the right solution for their particular needs.
The games offer a showcase for young (and not so young) talent, with scope also form an's best friend, in the canine competition to find the top firedog.
Previously, the 27-year-old worked as a part-time technological agent at Circuit City Firedog.
The event will include free popcorn, cookies and punch and offer fire equipment displays and demonstrations, a raffle, photos with "Sparky the Firedog," as well as music and entertainment.
launched a nationwide search to find a dog that has what it takes to star in a TV commercial for the Circuit City firedog services unit.
On a recent tour of a few national retail chains, it was quite enlightening to see the huge emphasis being placed on value added services (for instance, Firedog from Circuit City) as well as the shifting mix of personnel skills that were needed to support these services.
Other notable features include a spectacular iron firedog from the Celtic Iron Age, made in the shape of a fantastical angular animal, half-ox half-horse.
The mission of firedog is to enhance the digital lives of its customers.
Some of Circuit City's Firedog home theater installation and computer service technicians travel about in wrapped HHR Panels, Clark noted.
Now, Chicago's Vienna Beef has mixed its knowledge of frankfurters with a little of the city's history to create the Chicago Firedog, a spicy sausage that's half hot dog and half Polish sausage, according to Tom McGlade, Vienna's vice president of marketing.
Firedog (7) sample city (6) Free 28 29 29 31 31 ACROSS free (7) 2.
The Capel Garmon Firedog, once one of a pair on the hearth of a chieftain's roundhouse, is regarded as one of the finest surviving prehistoric iron artefacts in Europe.