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ceramic ware made of a more or less translucent ceramic

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She said: "I work in high fired porcelain on a sea world theme that is selling well in galleries, which is the reason for moving to bigger premises.
The fired porcelain clay body and glaze had an integrated look and feel due to a fully developed vitreous interface between the clay body and glaze resulting in a denser, stronger, more durable pottery than Maiolica ware.
I developed a method for printing onto my 2D sheets of fired porcelain in full photographic colour.
Somewhat less successful are a series of soda fired porcelain vases displayed in pairs.
The suspension of fired porcelain elements from pins and wires respectively in Rorschach Curtain and Everything Is Not as It Seems, likewise emphasised tensile strength, the latter installation adding drama to the proof by invoking light to demonstrate the translucency and, consequently, the obvious thinness of the porcelain forms.