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  • adj

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having lost your job

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whose constant knight Her favour fired to feats of might; Unnoted shall she not remain, Where meet the bright and noble train; Minstrel shall sing and herald tell
So some seconds passed, till suddenly Joyce whipped up his musket and fired.
Whether they had discovered us or simply were looking at the deserted city I could not say, but in any event they received a rude reception, for suddenly and without warning the green Martian warriors fired a terrific volley from the windows of the buildings facing the little valley across which the great ships were so peacefully advancing.
The Ripley gunners, unseasoned artillery volunteers who ought never to have been placed in such a position, fired one wild, premature, ineffectual volley, and bolted on horse and foot through the deserted village, while the Martian, without using his Heat-Ray, walked serenely over their guns, stepped gin- gerly among them, passed in front of them, and so came unexpectedly upon the guns in Painshill Park, which he destroyed.
Natty lowered his rifle from his arm when the challenge was made, and waiting a moment, until the terrified victim had got in a line with his eye, and had dropped near the bank of the lake, he raised it again with uncommon rapidity, and fired.
Raising their rifles they fired into the underbrush in the direction from which the missiles had come.
The last Tarzan saw of them they were racing toward the jungle, while their former masters knelt upon the ground and fired at them.