Hamelia patens

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handsome shrub with showy orange to scarlet or crimson flowers

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For a dash of color, consider begonia, impatiens, oleander, Chinese hibiscus and firebush.
All gowns were full-length, satin, and sangria-colored Attendants carried yellow and orange Sweetheart roses highlighted by hypericum, waxflower, and firebush.
Firebush Hamelia patens Feeding Plants BLCA (d) WCPI (e) Red mangrove (a) Rhizophora mangle Black mangrove (a) Avicennia germinans 3 Buttonwood (a) Conocarpus erectus Sapodilla, sapote Manilkara zapota 6 Gumbo limbo, red birch Bursera simaruba 1 3,4,5 Seagrape (a) Coccoloba uvifera 6 5 Black torch (f) Erithalis fruticosa 2,6 5 Poisonwood Metopium spp.
Plas yn Rhiw on the Llyn peninsula and Plas Newydd, Anglesey, have plants and trees that benefit from having their own microclimate, such as the Chilean firebush and bellflower, scented herbs and magnolia.
As early in the month as possible, set out cockscomb, firebush, globe amaranth, Madagascar periwinkle, portulaca, purslane, salvia, and zinnia.
For sunny spots, set out ageratum, celosia, coreopsis, cosmos, firebush (Hamelia patens), four o'clock, gaillardia, globe amaranth, gloriosa daisy, kochia, lantana, lisianthus, nicotiana, portulaca, salvia, strawflower, tithonia, vinca rosea (Catharanthus roseus), and zinnia.
I will be focusing on all items that were used by Native Americans; wild coffee and firebush to name a few," said Williams.