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Synonyms for firebug

a criminal who illegally sets fire to property

a true bug: brightly colored bug that can exude a stain

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Some residents fear thesame firebug is responsible for the torching of a school last year.
Police were last night hunting a firebug who forced a family to flee their house in terror.
FIREBUG yobs have set alight 70 wheelie bins in Nuneaton in the last few weeks, costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds.
An unknown firebug set light to the bird's home before making off unseen.
The fire was caused by an arsonist and police are now hunting the firebug, who had set fire to a wheeled bin at the front of a house.
They also noted how many objects each firebug explored, how fast the bug moved, how long it took to reach the wall of the arena, and more.
Other vulnerable and disabled residents at the sheltered housing scheme in Rugby are now petrified the firebug could strike again.
Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse.
The firebug targeted the end terrace house in Mansfield Road, Aston, shortly after 11.
A TIPPERARY man went on a firebug spree causing EUR300,000 of damage - in the town of the Garda Training College, Templemore.
Especially wonderful are Patricia Conolly as overgrown ingenue Maudie Melrose; Rosemary Murphy as Cora Clarke, who loves nothing more than playing solitaire and dispensing barbed bon mots; and Helen Stenborg, who practically steals the show as dotty firebug Sarita Myrtle.
Today police and fire experts said they were convinced the blaze was the work of a firebug.
CAMBRIDGE, UK -- Red Gate today announced its support for Glimpse, the open source tool that does for the server what Firebug does for the client.
FIREBUGS torched cars in two separate incidents in Coventry in the early this morning.
Firebugs as young as seven are risking their lives starting fires in a derelict bingo hall.