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brick made of fire clay

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Ceramic fibers were followed by insulating firebricks and calcium silicate among some other high temperature insulation products
The interior of one firebox has been completely emptied of its firebrick and iron grate, whereas the firebox of the southern evaporator has been untouched and is still stocked with firewood, as if waiting for the next year's maple season, which never arrived.
Isokern Fireplace Systems makes a 36-inch-wide patio fireplace with options including a firebrick interior and stone, tile, or stucco finish on the exterior.
Some examples of solid packing materials include Chromosorb P, which is sourced from firebrick, and Chromosorb W, which is sourced from Celite Filter Aid.
The morning volume leader was Krosaki Harima, a firebrick manufacturer, rising 3 yen to 349 yen.
Designed with community participation, this new, lower cost stove - constructed of locally available firebrick and a mixture of earth and molasses - is easily managed and maintained.
This industry was threatened by competition from superior Austrian firebrick after World War I.
Product Overview II-5 Introduction II-5 Features and Benefits II-5 Glass-Furnace Silica Refractories II-5 Insulating Firebrick II-6 Ceramic Fiber Modules II-6 Non-Ceramic Fiber Blankets and Modules II-6 Microporous Insulation II-6 Refractory Products by Form II-7 Bricks and Shapes II-7 Crucibles II-7 Carbon-Bonded Crucible II-7 Clay Graphite Crucibles II-7 Oxide Refractory Crucibles II-7 Specialties/Monolithics II-8 Preformed Refractory Shapes II-9 Refractory Products by Material II-9 Clay Refractories II-9 High-Alumina II-9 Insulating II-9 Fireclay II-9 Ladle II-10 Non-Clay Refractories II-10 Basic II-10 Extra-High Alumina II-10 Others II-10 End-Use Markets II-10
A profitable magnesite mining industry in the Grenville district of Quebec was threatened when competition from superior Austrian firebrick resumed after the First World War.
Damaged and discarded firebrick transformed into high-grade ore
On Saturday and Sunday August 30-31, the Sandpiper, at Farringdon Road, will host its first ever beer and cider festival amid a weekend of family fun and entertainment, in collaboration with Wylam and Cullercoats breweries, Firebrick Brewery at Blaydon, Anarchy Brew Co Morpeth and Matfen-based High House Farm Brewery.
Created by Firebrick Brewery, whose headquarters are on Blaydon's Cowen Road, it also pays homage to the industrial heritage of the area.
firebrick lining, cleaning and repairs works and misc.