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a narrow field that has been cleared to check the spread of a prairie fire or forest fire


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The Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC), Southcentral Region, requires bulldozer services for the construction of 28,061feet of firebreaks on State Game Lands (SGL) 048 in Bedford County.
Larger shrubs or even trees can be safely planted on hillsides or open areas if they are grouped with large clear spaces in between groupings that would act as firebreaks.
Be sure your community has roads defueled to 20 or more feet on either side to act as a firebreak, to permit safe evacuation and access by fire equipment, and to help prevent traffic accidents.
Reasons: All subdivisions now require fire-resistant roofs in place of shingles and shakes, and Arnold today has a 200foot-wide firebreak around most of its periphery.
The Conservation Area bought two new four-wheel-drive trucks for its fire crew, and began using standard range-fire control techniques--clearing firebreaks (which now total 24 miles) and maintaining fire-access roads (now 54 miles).
At Clymer Meadow Preserve, near Dallas, Texas, a Canon Crew will build firebreaks and harvest rare prairie seeds.
Regulations say most new buildings should have these firebreaks, although there are some exceptions.
the one- day project will restore native pine trees and cedar saplings to ten miles of state-owned land that was damaged by firebreaks that were initially created to halt the advance of last summer's blaze.
Not only will this be detrimental to wildlife and habitats, it will reduce the number of firebreaks and increase the prospect of large wildfires.
Some 150 firefighters from Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and Los Angeles city and county were deployed to fight the flames as inmate fire crews dug firebreaks along the steep terrain.
This marks the first time that land in southern California has been cleared for firebreaks under the Tribal Fire Protection Act of 2004.
This market will be divided into 3 lots: - lot 1: supply and maintenance of firebreaks high performance, - lot 2: supply and maintenance of firebreaks NextGen, - lot 3: Maintenance in operational condition of the existing infrastructure McAfee, Checkpoint and Cisco ASA.
Later, ABC reporter John Stossel aired a 20/20 segment on how Endangerd Species Act protection for the brushy habitat of Stephen's kangaroo rats prevented owners from "disking" firebreaks around their homes, resulting in the tragic loss of their property.
Tinkering in his blacksmith shop, he created a tool that's half ax, half mattock, and ideal for digging firebreaks.
Course developers claimed their efforts did everything from adding to the job base to creating natural firebreaks.