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a narrow field that has been cleared to check the spread of a prairie fire or forest fire


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A firebreak was proposed in 2013, but the EPA wanted then to conduct more tests to determine the amount of radioactive material at the site.
If I only have a rake, I use it to rake an area two or three feet wide around the escaping fire to create a firebreak that will contain the fire, but I do the raking far enough away from the fire so that I do not suffer from the heat or smoke.
The strategy with a backfire is to set a continuous line of fire along the downwind edge of the pasture--it's best to ignite short lengths and allow the crew to snuff any flames that try to burn into or through the firebreak.
His representatives include Argentine-bred Grade 1 scorer Paulinho in the Guineas and former Dubai Duty Free (Gr 1) runner-up Bankable who takes his place in the Firebreak Stakes.
Firefighters used sawmill equipment to drag large quantities of wood away from the flames and create a firebreak to prevent the blaze from spreading to other buildings and stacks of timber.
For the most part, the fire was kept south of Pacific Coast Highway, which formed a firebreak.
TEENAGERS from Warwickshire have successfully completed a Firebreak course in Nuneaton.
Dynamite was used to create a firebreak, saving what was left of the city.
Beaufort scale, boomtown, cistern, downtown, Fault, fill earth, firebreak, five days, ghost town, Highway, one week, Plate, Railroad, Richter scale, Theodore Roosevelt, sawdust, six days, Dennis Sullivan, William Howard Taft, three days
Mr Nicholson got the keys to the vehicle nearest the blaze and drove it to safety, preventing the fire from spreading by acting as a firebreak.
wide firebreak the sheep will create won't necessarily stop a wildfire, but could significantly slow its advance toward nearby neighborhoods.
No one yet has identified how big the firebreak would have to be, but it could easily encompass not only portions of Michigan but areas of Ohio and Indiana.
FIREBREAK can show the benefit of a light campaign to notch his fourth victory at Group 3 level in the Challenge Stakes at 2.
Dettori started the big day in great style with a runaway Godolphin Mile win on Firebreak.
FRANKIE DETTORI whipped up his own desert storm in Dubai last night with a fantastic treble on Moon Ballad, Sulamani and Firebreak.