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Synonyms for firebrand

Synonyms for firebrand

a piece of wood that has been burned or is burning


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When this lone guardian saw that Numa was again approaching, he threw another firebrand, and, as before, Numa retreated and with him Sabor, the lioness; but not so far, this time, nor for so long.
Upon this, plucking up my courage, I took up a firebrand, and in I rushed again, with the stick flaming in my hand: I had not gone three steps in before I was almost as frightened as before; for I heard a very loud sigh, like that of a man in some pain, and it was followed by a broken noise, as of words half expressed, and then a deep sigh again.
One of the three, cursing and raging, told them they should see they were not in jest; and going to a little place at a distance, where the honest men had made a fire to dress their victuals, he takes a firebrand, and claps it to the outside of their hut, and set it on fire: indeed, it would have been all burned down in a few minutes if one of the two had not run to the fellow, thrust him away, and trod the fire out with his feet, and that not without some difficulty too.
Stop a bit," said the dragoon, placing his saber like a spit upon the two large iron dogs which held the firebrands in the chimney, "stop a bit, I am in it.
A triumph like a torchlight procession, with torchlights that might have been firebrands.
The rest of the pack was now up and surging upon him, and a throwing of firebrands right and left was necessary to drive them back to a respectful distance.
There is no man more despised and disliked abroad, not only because he is a Jew and ill-bred, but because of his known sympathy with some of these anarchists who are perfect firebrands in Europe.
KARACHI -- Pakistan Peoples Party's (PPP) former firebrand Zulfiqar Ali Mirza, Wednesday once again singed the PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari with a caustic statement.
com)-- Firebrand New Beginnings Gospel Crusade is crossing the Atlantic to bring their “New Fire for Christ in 2015” movement to East Tennessee.
The firebrand speakers / Ulema banned uptill now, are 215 in numbering hailing from all over the country as well as Azad Government of Jammu and Kashmir.
Paisley, who died last Friday, was a firebrand Protestant preacher known for his extreme anti-Catholic rhetoric and who was vehemently opposed to dealing with the IRA.
Attending the ceremony, Home Secretary Theresa May shared her opinion on apprenticeships with Firebrand.
Love him or hate him, you couldn't ignore him, he was a real firebrand.
MANAMA: Firebrand, a leader in Accelerated Learning, has appointed David Grinham as business development director.
Summary: Supporters of firebrand Sheikh Ahmad Assir vowed to stage a protest in Sidon Friday despite a protest ban by authorities, said a sheikh close to the fugitive preacher Thursday.