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Synonyms for firebomb

a bomb that is designed to start fires

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attack with incendiary bombs

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However, I continued driving and one of them threw a firebomb at the windscreen -- causing it to smash.
Terrorists conducted 206 attacks against schools across the Kingdom of Bahrain, using Molotov cocktail firebomb.
Four Attacks in Queens with Homemade Firebombs (NY Times)http://tinyurl.
Summary: Villagers attacked the homes of members of the tiny minority Baha'i faith with stones and firebombs in the south of Egypt this week, forcing families to flee for safety, rights groups said on Friday.
It is understood that at least three firebombs were thrown into the house.
They warned businesses to check for potential firebombs being left in their premises.
If this new civil rights movement--one that demands that democracy and basic human rights are applied consistently to all--is to flourish, then there must be people who summon the courage to continue the Freedom Rides of 2003 and pay homage to the freedom fighters of the past who braved the beatings, the firebombs, and a reluctant leadership.
Horne placed firebombs in shops which would have caused huge conflagrations in city centres had they gone off.
RIOT BLAZE: Fire crews on the streets of Oldham early today as gang hurl firebombs and (above) the damaged offices of the Evening Chronicle
Protesters throw firebombs and shout obscenities at Israeli soldiers guarding the Lebanese border yesterday, drawing cheers from onlookers but no response from the Israelis.
What is the difference if someone murders your loved ones because of their color, race or religion; or if someone murders your loved ones because they wanted the Rolex watch they were wearing; or if somebody firebombs your business because you are a Korean in an African-American neighborhood; or a white man firebombs a white-owned bar because the bar owner refused to serve the patron another drink because of drunkenness?
Players navigate through worlds of terror, armed with firebombs, shockwaves, homing bombs and the ability to vary shooting power.
Nine Bahrainis, aged 17 to 25, who are standing trial at the High Criminal Court in connection with the incident, have denied charged of arson, possessing firebombs and taking part in an illegal gathering.
Greek police blame the country s recent surge in firebombs on the anti-government protests that have shaken crisis-hit Greece since it began imposing austerity measures under an international bailout.
But in 1997, he was caught redhanded with firebombs and jailed for 18 years at Bristol Crown Court.