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Synonyms for firebomb

a bomb that is designed to start fires

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attack with incendiary bombs

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Another plus: Firebomber Publications will not offer 'Firestorm' to mainstream bookstores, like Amazon.
SERVED HALF SENTENCE: Birkby firebomber Shakiel Shazad
He donates 50% of his profits from the sale of Firebombers Incorporated products to firefighting relief agencies supporting the families of injured and fallen firefighters.
How can you compare a stupid joke about sheep sh#####, to something as serious as MG Firebombers is beyond me
The convicted firebomber, who is serving 18 years in prison, was apparently able to clearly scrutinise the complex documents.
But as supporters announced the end of the 68-day protest, it was claimed the convicted firebomber had never really been refusing food.
The move came just a day after the jailed firebomber was sent back to prison following two weeks in hospital.
Friends of the convicted firebomber are amazed he is still alive after more than nine weeks without solids.
Back in Monica's home town, her family's house was attacked by a firebomber.
Ulster's First Minister yesterday begged Orangemen to quit Drumcree and go home after a loyalist firebomber killed three children in their beds.
Hero dad Donny Dunlop saved his family when a firebomber torched their home after TYING UP the back door.
A terrified dad has turned his home into a fortress to protect his family from a crazed firebomber.
Yesterday a police spokesman appealed for information to help catch the firebomber.
ANIMAL rights firebomber Barry Horne died yesterday after his latest prison hunger strike.
The force will bestow Gold Scott medals on Sergeant Andy Callanan, who died trying to save the life of a firebomber during an attack on Tallaght Station and Detective Jerry McCabe, who was gunned down at Adare Post Office in Limerick four years ago.