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a disease blackening the leaves of pear and apple trees

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However, fertilizing and pruning heavily may result in fireblight or in soft, sappy wood which may winter kill.
to prove that the apples come from trees that have not been infected with fireblight disease for at least several years.
Fireblight, which is harmless to humans, is a highly contagious disease in apples and pears, and is caused by a plant-eating bacterium and a highly contagious disease in apples and pears.
They also demand that apples come from plantations which have been protected from fireblight.
Fireblight enters the tree by way of the flower petal nectaries and is spread by pruning shears.
Or if a young one dies of fireblight, plant two replacements in a different spot, one with more air circulation, and look for varieties that might be resistent to fireblight.
IT sounds like your plant has been attacked by fireblight, a seriously infectious disease that affects members of the rose family.
has argued that Tokyo's inspection procedures on imported apples for fireblight disease are too strict and violate the WTO sanitary and phytosanitary pact.
Washington says Tokyo's inspection procedures on apples for fireblight disease are too strict and violate the WTO sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) pact.
I should point out that advice was given as a way of reducing the risk of fireblight - if that disease struck, that would be the end of the hedge.
Another new product that we examined is CIT-30, which holds promise to be the first effective, safe pesticide for the treatment of fireblight.
Choose from the new Saphyr series which are highly resistant to the usual pyracantha diseases of scab and fireblight and are also very hardy: Saphyr Cadange, a vigorous grower with large orange fruits from September; Saphyr Cadrou, moderately vigorous, bearing large red berries from October; and Saphyr Cadaune, vigorous with yellow berries from October.
Japan's requirements to prevent transmission of fireblight disease are ''not scientifically based, significantly raise costs, and reduce the competitiveness of U.
It is better grown under austere conditions, as lush new growth is susceptible to fireblight.
The most serious apple diseases are scab in mild parts of the Northwest and Northern California, fireblight east of the Cascades, and mildew in gardens with poor air circulation and too much shade.