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an artillery base to support advancing troops

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When we conducted our handover with our relief force, we gave the firebase a range and tile capability to conduct long-range training any day of the week with minimal assets.
This along, with CJSOTF-A pre-coordinated contracting with host nation workers, ensured that this firebase was in place within days after the initial assault.
My company arrived at our firebase, and we looked at each other and said "Well, what do we do?
1st Bn, 5th Mar, Delta Co, 1st Mar Div--Seeking anyone on first or second week of Feb 1968 between Firebase 147 and Bn Base Camp on Hai Van Pass, Phu Loc, who remembers me blown off truck, to establish VA claim for back problems--Damian Rodriguez, 14869 Mesa St, Hesperia, CA 92345; FAX: (760) 947-1293.
Once back at the staging area, a quick consolidation and accountability was conducted, and we then mounted up and returned to the firebase.
When General Berry was in Vietnam with the 101st would often spend a night with troops on the firebase when he could have been back at division main having a drink and a steak dinner.
In April 1970, the 101st Airborne established Firebase Ripcord on Hill 927, a remote area just north of the A Shau Valley, an area of contention from the first years of the conflict.
Google for instance is working to make it easier for developers to embed Flutter into an existing mobile application, on integrating Android and iOS WebView component for viewing web content within mobile applications and on building additional support for its Firebase messaging system.
If users have notifications enabled, messages are temporarily stored in Google's Firebase mobile platform.
Para emitir los mensajes de alerta se utilizaron un conjunto de servicios y API's como Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) recientemente actualizada a Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).
That data is used to ensure the phone stays properly connected to Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging system, which handles the delivery of messages and notifications to the smartphone.
At the end of the day, awards were given to the highest scorers for Web, Firebase, Android, Virtual Reality, and Cloud developer.
As part of his Company's attack, he was deputed by his Company Commander to form part of the firebase and support the attack by manning the Light Machine Gun (LMG).