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an artillery base to support advancing troops

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Once an adequate amount of supplies was positioned at the firebase, the LAV company, in conjunction with the ODAs, established security and stability in what was an enemy safe haven.
Fireman's Franchise Development Program provides training and support, including its propriety business management software, Firebase (TM).
After the first meeting, the district ANA and ANP were asked to work with their sub-district ANA and ANP counterparts to develop their portion of the first operation--a patrol to a small village nearly two kilometers from the firebase but still within the white space.
By day's end, the howitzers had fired more than 4,000 high-explosive rounds, exhausting the gun crews and leaving immense stacks of shell casings scattered about the firebase.
MILITARY: 101st Airborne Division - Vietnam 1967 - 1968, Hue during the TET Offensive, Firebase Bastone in the Ashau Valley, 1/327th - Tiger Force (Long Range Recon Patrol Teams) 82nd Airborne Division - Ft.
A 10th Mountain Division Soldier stands vigilant inside the perimeter of Firebase Comanche in Afghanistan's Ghazni province.
When the platoon left the firebase, one squad and gun usually remained with the weapons squad leader.
He said his code name on the firebase in Afghanistan was "pirate.
The 129th Logistics Task Force also supported the 1-501st Infantry Task Force, which was stationed at the Salerno firebase, just north of Khowst.
I wanted to do my part to make sure the people of Afghanistan were safe and were not mistreated," said Hickerson, who was assigned to a firebase with Afghan soldiers and U.
The shura was conducted at the ASG and ANP-held firebase in the north end of the Gayan Valley.
He was on a firebase in the Farah Province, near the Iranian border to the south and the Heldman Province to the east.
Matrix is ideal for firebase security, landing-zone security, and both infrastructure and check-point protection.
To prepare for such a scenario, the soldiers in our company built a firebase, including trench works and a base defense plan, from the ground up.
We lived in an old Special Forces firebase on the border with Pakistan from January 2007 through January 2008.