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Synonyms for fireball

an especially luminous meteor (sometimes exploding)


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a highly energetic and indefatigable person

a ball of fire (such as the sun or a ball-shaped discharge of lightning)

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the luminous center of a nuclear explosion

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Doppler radar signals in the area have led NASA to believe they are reflections off "meteoric dust from the fireball falling to the ground.
Clarifying what the phenomenon was, UK Meteor Network described the "flashing light" as a bright fireball.
Two blazing fireball meteors were seen plummeting to Earth and were captured on camera in southern England.
Peter Crowley was caught by the fireball and posted pictures of his singed head on social media.
Delish reports that there are currently two online shops where Fireball whiskey-flavored gummy bears can be purchased.
Editor David Moore said: "We get at least one major fireball over Ireland each year.
The fireball watched by many people and recorded by our station's cameras," the centre said in a tweet.
Coinciding with the city's annual Heritage Festival and Oktoberfest celebrations, the Fireball Run will be filming in Marlborough on October 1, 2016 from 12 pm to 2 pm.
The Fireballs in the Sky app allows the public to report fireball sightings to scientists from the Desert Fireball Network.
As it was just two days after Supermoon, the sky was not dark enough to enjoy the spectacular fireball fall," Suleiman Al Busaidi, the curator said.
2, NASA meteor cameras detected a very bright fireball at an altitude of 57 miles above Hoodoo Road just east of the town of Beechgrove, Tennessee.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A propane tank on a food truck in Philadelphia exploded into a fireball, critically injuring a mother and daughter and sending at least nine others to the hospital.
This article continues the sequential numbering of reported fireball sightings from southern Africa, and covers fireballs observed during 2013.
Scientists at Curtin University in Australia are tracking fireballs (meteors that are very large and bright) using cameras across Australia in a project called the Desert Fireball Network.
An unexpected highlight of the past session was the remarkably slow-moving, brilliant fragmenting fireball that was observed by hundreds of people across northern Europe at 21:55 UTC on Friday, 2012 September 21, a high concentration of the observations coming from northern England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.