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Study on fire-retardation mechanism of fire-retardant FRW by CONE calorimetry.
The company started making fire-retardant mattresses last year under its Safe Dreams label using VersaShield, a fire-protectant barrier from Elk Technologies.
An interesting note: When lists of fire-retardant plants were first drawn up in the 1990s, we had experienced several consecutive years of drought.
Without any legislation in place to force mandatory installation of fire-retardant materials, he warned that 100 high-rises now under construction in the UAE may also be enclosed with gleaming composite panels that do not meet international fire-safety codes.
In Japan, the Building Standard Law determines the fire-retardant performance necessary for building materials.
Because of the heightened dangers of fire in an enclosed cabin surrounded by jet fuel, much fire-retardant research has focused on materials for the seats, walls, and carpets in airliners.
3) The Forest Services mixes fire-retardant chemicals and fertilizer in a portable tank, for use in its firefighting C-130s.
Company offers a wide selection of alumina trihydrate fire-retardant and smoke-suppressant fillers.
OTCBB:GBMS) is in the business of developing, manufacturing and marketing a line of fire-retardant products, including both interior and exterior fire retardants.
I have some government agencies that buy it, and cruise ships and airlines, people who must have a fire-retardant blanket,'' Leibowitz said of American Woolen's microdenier fleece throw.
Company's Firebrake ZB (registered) is a fire-retardant synergist that reportedly can be used as a low-cost replacement or extender for antimony oxide in systems containing halogen.
OTCBB:GMSV) announced today that they have increased their production of fire-retardant chemicals for a major manufacturer of mattress fabric.
By the end of 2004, at least four mattress manufacturers will begin offering fire-retardant mattresses manufactured with VersaShield to consumers, ahead of pending fire safety legislation.
Developed with Elk's proven fire barrier technology, VersaShield II is soft and pliable, an ideal fire-retardant solution for applications where comfort cannot be compromised.
Wilson's team has been working with flame retardant fireplace rugs, non aerosol fire extinguishers, barbecue gloves, fire-proof Christmas wreaths and home fire-retardant kits for furniture and window treatments.