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Synonyms for fire-eater

a belligerent grouch

a performer who pretends to swallow fire

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Confirmed acts for the Nuneaton show include fire-eater Venus Starr and dancers Aurora Toxique and Cherry Stone, while audience members are encouraged to get in the mood and wear burlesquestyle costumes.
Punk rocker's lung: pulmonary fibrosis in a drug snorting fire-eater.
He cut into strips the towel he always carried to dry off after his energetic performances, borrowed some kerosene from the fire-eater and tied the soaked strips to his knife.
Turkish fire-eater Tahir Akalin, who was holding the petrol bottle, is fighting for his life.
He suggests that it was this "singular history and political culture" that produced the rabid fire-eater proslavery advocates and nullifiers 150 years later.
Walther defines a fire-eater as an individual who was a persistent advocate of secession and southern independence over an extended period of years.
There will be three main comedians - former juggler, unicyclist, knife-thrower, fire-eater and magician Martin Mor (left), Newcastle-based Tony Jameson and Joe Bromehead.
Taffy suffered a stroke when performing as a carnival fire-eater at the age of 36.
The fete will start at 2pm and afternoon entertainment will include skittles, tombola, a fire-eater, dancing displays and stalls.
At the moment, she is performing as a singing fire-eater on Britain's Got Talent.
The drama begins when Bobby and his mother travel by bus to Newcastle, where Bobby encounters McNulty, an escape artist and fire-eater.
We're adults, too,'' said the 43-year-old onetime fire-eater who began the French-Canadian troupe in 1984.
African acrobat and fire-eater Juma Kuma is just one of the acts helping celebrate cultural diversity at Darlington Railway Museum next weekend, October 18-19.
The backpacker, who is a fire-eater in a circus, said: 'My knees turned to jelly and I fell down.
Doddy recalled the Irish rabbi, Hymie O'Blimey, the Chinese fire-eater Bernie Tong, and the saucy Russian stripper Eva Vestoff.