fire-bellied toad

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toad of central and eastern Europe having red or orange patches mixed with black on its underside

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Gus, an unemployed long distance lorry driver, has kept fire-bellied toads for about two years.
WART WAY Toad marks spot SAFE Zookeeper and Caarl MUST BE LOVE Gus with one of his fire-bellied toads
Fire-bellied toads from Denmark, Germany, Latvia and Sweden will croak it out for the coveted prize, won last time by Sweden "in the glorious tradition of ABBA," says the nature protection society in Schleswig-Holstein state.
The broad array includes American bullfrogs and tadpoles, African bullfrogs, Vietnamese mossy frogs, smooth-sided toads, Chinese gliding frogs, African clawed frogs, Budgett's frogs, ornate-homed frogs, golden mantella frogs, fire-bellied toads, Mexican dumpy frogs, waxy monkey frogs, smokey jungle frogs, and dyeing poison frogs.
He also had on display blotched lizards, a bull python, red-eyed tree frogs, oriental fire-bellied toads, bearded dragons and a Great Basin gopher snake.
On top of this there are tarantulas, scorpions, fire-bellied toads, plus more cuddly animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.