fire watching

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(during World War II in Britain) watching for fires started by bombs that dropped from the sky

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Mr Sands said: "I was sitting by the fire watching TV when the door burst open and three youths rushed in.
He was at home by the fire watching the race on TV - the horse jumped like a stag.
During the Second World War, he carried out home duties, including fire watching.
Then at the age of 15, at the outbreak of war, he took his turn at fire watching and also helped with collecting waste paper with the Scouts.
He will need several short walks a day and must be housed indoors as he is used to lying in front of the fire watching TV.
We also did fire watching every month and there were two girls and four men on duty.
He was at Henry's till they closed the doors and he also worked for the music store Dale Forties and was a door man at the Gaumont Cinema - and did fire watching for both of them during the war.
He worked at the Co-op in John Street, Cullercoats and was badly burned while fire watching in the war.
I put a sandbag on one near my home as a 16-year-old on Fire Watching Duty.
But what about those of us who gave up five years of our lives doing what was called fire watching duties?
Not even Casualty can ruin the picture of the family gathered around the fire watching Jonathan Creek or All Creatures Great And Small.