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(during World War II in Britain) someone whose duty was to watch for fires caused by bombs dropped from the air

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Naumann says that anyone interested in being a fire watcher should be independent, have hobbies, and like to read.
He plays a crucial health and safety role as a fire watcher, preventing fires during open flame and high temperature processes such as welding.
At night, he volunteered as a fire watcher looking after the streets he loved so much.
I became a fire watcher and had pictures given to me of all the German bombers so we could recognise their planes.
At Tyne Dock Engineering, near the market square, Jimmy's brother, Bob Bowhill, was on duty as a fire watcher.
With another fire watcher, Raymond Williams, he rescued two people from the caved-in cellar of a bombed building.
Today the Bishop of Monmouth instructed every incumbent in the diocese to arrange for fire watchers to be posted at all churches.
Fire watchers have deployed an unmanned aerial vehicle (or UAV, the civilian version of a "drone").
He has trained a staff of eight fire safety directors, one EAP director and two fire watchers.
There was also a Home Guard unit, fire watchers and special constables.
Their idea uses a network of solar-powered CCTV cameras and citizen fire watchers over the web to obtain advance warning of wildfires before they manage to spread.
Sir, - At the launching of my book - Escape from Catastrophe - 1940 Dunkirk - at the Imperial War Museum in May last year, I was asked by members of various voluntary organisations (who were there to help on the home shores during the Second World War and were represented at the launching) whether I could write a book about those voluntary services, including ARP Fire Watchers, Coast Watchers, Auxiliary Fire Service, WVS Home Guard, War Reserve Police etc.
She was also a member of the Women's Voluntary Service, driving a mobile canteen to fire watchers during the night, as well as working on a switchboard at the fire station receiving air-raid warnings.
The few remaining staff and fire watchers tried unsuccessfully to contain the outbreak which was believed to have started in the lino department.
Clerks exempt from military service, good writers only and with good references, were offered 70s a week in a city centre office and there were dozens of advertisements seeking fire watchers and night watchmen.