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an official who is responsible for managing and protecting an area of forest

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A trained fire fighting team and fire wardens should have been present at the premises where 600 to 700 guests were staying.
We now have two 24-hour fire wardens, four-hourly visits from fire brigade and a huge amount of parking attendants ensuring that access is clear.
At each of our tower blocks we're introducing fire wardens who will carry out frequent inspections of the building, throughout the day and night.
Important topics, such as Engineering for Kids and Fire Warden, were presented to the children during the programme to teach them about the basics of these subjects.
Consequently, crews, Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) with water tanks, DEC fire wardens and I dug a line from the top of the ridge down, trying to prevent the fire from reaching more fuel.
The state's chief fire warden for the Department of Conservation and Recreation, David V.
Appoint fire wardens who will evacuate building occupants during a fire.
He added: "We organise yearly trainings for our staff as well as the staff working with companies operating within the high-tech park to ensure the preparedness of certified fire wardens that can assist and lead their colleagues in case of emergencies.
They noted that more than 700 members of staff have been trained up as fire wardens to ensure safety requirements following recommendations from West YorKshire Fire service.
Down the fire stairs like the rats following the Pied Piper's shrill call, spilling out at an unfamiliar door and moving to practised assembly points, helmeted fire wardens ticking off names, an evacuation team starting at the top and making sure every office is clear.
Public buildings and commercial premises do have fire extinguishers, but they also have trained fire wardens who understand when or if they should be used.
ANSTO said on-site fire wardens "extinguished what was believed to be a fire in electrical wiring", and that it posed no danger to the facility.
While the evacuation is taking place emergency fire prevention measures are being put in place and at least three full-time fire wardens will patrol the complex to reassure the tenants.