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an official who is responsible for managing and protecting an area of forest

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WRECKAGE J Randall must try to stay alive AT TAC K J Survivor must take out zombies MISSION Z Fire warden Randall Wayne must try to avoid zombies or try to trap and kill them in order to survive
A draughtswoman with the MEB until she retired, Beryl worked for the local fire service as a fire warden during the last war.
Building owners may now assign the floor warden responsibility to tenants, where the fire warden responsibility was previously treated voluntarily.
In a commercial high rise, each company will have a chief fire warden and a floor captain assigned to each floor.
It may have been the fire warden who came up with the idea, because the glassmakers' foundries kept setting Venetian neighbourhoods on fires, but by creating an extraordinary cluster of glassblowing talent they made Venice the leading center for glass production and innovation in Europe.
Appoint at least one member of staff in each floor or area as a Fire Warden.
The hospital fire warden was called but staff had already put out the flames.
One issue that was treated less than seriously in the past was the selection of the fire warden.
The County Burn Permit service is simple and easy to use," said Earl Hall, Powell County Fire Warden.
The state's chief fire warden for the Department of Conservation and Recreation, David V.
on-site CCTV monitoring, fire warden duties and keyholding) at Waterloo International Terminal and North Pole Depot for London and Continental Railways Ltd (LCR).
A MAN who was a fire warden tackling the flames during the Coventry Blitz has celebrated his 100th birthday.
Tadger was refused entry into the army because of retina trouble with his eyes, so he became a fire warden.
One of 62 titles that are being presented in TIFF's Contemporary World Cinema program, "Watchtower" follows the story of a man who is haunted by his dark past as he takes up a job as a fire warden in a remote watchtower in the wilderness and is inexorably drawn towards a young woman with a terrible secret of her own.
Of Yasmin, Mrs Halbert added: "She's a very positive student and is a student councillor and student fire warden and has aspirations to be a future head girl.