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any of various large trucks that carry firemen and equipment to the site of a fire

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More fire trucks are needed because of the growing number of establishments in city, Andrade explained to Chatto.
They explain that the LNFS fire truck, headed towards the direction of the Freeport of Monrovia, collided with the BaJa Taxi after its driver attempted crossing in front of the fire truck.
The subject of the over-the-counter sectoral public procurement is the supply of 4 fire trucks with a category 2 chassis, Capable of operation on all roads and partly out of roads, Weight classes l up to 7,500 kg and 3 pieces of weight class m not exceeding 16,000 kg.
The global fire trucks market is expanding widely owing to the modern day fire and safety issues arising from new design infrastructures, rapid development of huge and complex buildings, and larger residencies in lesser spaces especially in developing countries.
A fire truck sat in the Haggen grocery store parking lot on Hilyard Street in southeast Eugene on Saturday afternoon, although not for the reasons one would expect.
He said "These fire trucks will save property, lives and money.
Swedish truck and bus manufacturer Scania AB (OMX Stockholm:SCV A) (OMX Stockholm:SCV B) said on Tuesday (10 February) that it has won an order for 109 fire trucks chassis from the Malaysian fire and rescue department, Bomba.
4 -- color in SAC edition only -- ran in AV and SAC editions only) More than 100 motorcycle officers plus patrol cars, fire trucks and ambulances drove through Lancaster in a miles-long procession.
Castings are an integral component to fire prevention, doing everything possible to improve the performance of critical fire fighting tools, including fire trucks and pumps.
The money generated from the tax would have been used to improve the city's drainage system, hire extra police officers and firefighters and buy new fire trucks, said Wynne Mayor Paul Nichols.
2 million times a year, roughly 7 times more than fire trucks, which are used about 600,000 times.
Between 1989 and 1992, Emergency One completed back orders of fire trucks, including some with the AMERICAN EAGLE mark.
The fire department is very pleased knowing that Arnprior Fire Trucks Corp.
Eight fire trucks were engaged in efforts to extinguish the fire that erupted sixteen hours ago.
The two fire trucks on the 1,032-hectare island were augmented by fire trucks from the mainland in Barangay Caticlan in Malay and the neighboring towns of Buruanga, Ibajay and Tangalan.