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any of various large trucks that carry firemen and equipment to the site of a fire

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Morita will be exhibiting a fire truck equipped with the "Morita Advanced Monitor AM Series" at a leading international event for firefighting and disaster relief, "INTERSCHUTZ 2015," to be held in Hannover, Germany, on June 8 to 13.
A fire truck sat in the Haggen grocery store parking lot on Hilyard Street in southeast Eugene on Saturday afternoon, although not for the reasons one would expect.
Delivery of fire trucks / tankers / firefighting urban agglomeration areas in two lots as follows:
He said "These fire trucks will save property, lives and money.
4 -- color in SAC edition only -- ran in AV and SAC editions only) More than 100 motorcycle officers plus patrol cars, fire trucks and ambulances drove through Lancaster in a miles-long procession.
From the very beginning, we design our track's components, whenever possible, with castings as our intent," said Rich Demski, project manager for new product development at Pierce Manufacturing, a manufacturer of fire trucks and accessories located in Appleton, Wisconsin.
Fire trucks typically cost between $250,000-$300,000.
said Monday it has developed the world's first fire truck that can transport injured people like an ambulance, and it will be put on sale next April.
The company stopped manufacturing new fire trucks under the AMERICAN EAGLE mark by mid-1992, but continued to promote the trademark on T-shirts, hats, tote bags and souvenir nameplates.
We look forward to supplying the department with a truck built by local employees and backed by AFTC's commitment to quality and service," declared Graeme Cross, Business Development Manager for Arnprior Fire Trucks Corp.
Nine fire trucks were used to fight the fire, which was fully extinguished by 2pm.
The booth workers called the Fire Department, and two fire trucks, a water truck and an inmate crew responded.
The money generated from the tax will be used to improve the city's drainage system, hire extra police officers and firefighters and buy new fire trucks, said Wynne Mayor Paul Nichols.
We are pleased to be working with Arnprior Fire Trucks Corp.
Delivery of 12 fire trucks namely - 3 cars, heavy media GCBA 4x4 with 6 seater cab- 4 cars extinguishing medium GBA 4x4,- 4 cars extinguishing medium GBA 4x2,- 1 car light technical rescue SLRT 4x2