fire tongs

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tongs for taking hold of burning coals

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At the punggang kemudi (end fringe) Sendi positioned the Gerasi Nabor Menoa or 'Giant that Sows the Earth' [with seeds] (Plate 8) while at the punggung pun (point of origin fringe), she placed the Sepit Api or Fire Tong (Plate 9) which coincidentally encases engkatak or small frog-like figures on the end border (Gavin 2006: 247).
The fire tong is a symbol that is associated with Selampandai (also Selampetoh, Selampeta), the great blacksmith who forges mankind and in Iban cosmology is a brother of the war god Singalang Burong.
Could the fire tong therefore have an alternate or multiple meanings?