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a metal screen before an open fire for protection (especially against flying sparks)


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It seems wholly in keeping with an exhibition devoted to an artist who taught at the Academie Royale and wrote technical treatises on painting while also thrilling Salon-goers with trompe l'oeil displays of deer heads and kitschy fire screens depicting dogs lounging faithfully in front of the hearth.
It makes architectural items such as shop fittings, staircases, balustrades, fire screens, doors, windows and canopies.
I spent the majority of my time in the workshop, designing bespoke products like chandeliers, fire screens and banisters," he explains.
Fire screens, andirons, grates, fire tools and gas logs fail into this category.
Deepdale Solutions, which specialises in the computer-aided design, manufacture and installation of aluminium frameworks; structural glazing as well as fire screens and doors has moved into a 20,000 sq ft unit and is the first tenant at the prestigious business park.
My displays are available in fresh, dried, silk and latex and they range from flower-filled fire screens to fully co-ordinated room displays.
Coverage includes architectural ironmongery, doors, fire doors, fire linings, fire protection materials, fire resisting cables, fire resisting glass, fire resisting partitions, fire screens, intumescent seals, linings, and structural fire resisting products.