fire sale

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a sale of assets at very low prices typically when the seller faces bankruptcy

a sale of merchandise supposedly damaged by fire

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Some experts have calculated the fire sale of RBS shares will see the taxpayer lose as much as PS14 billion.
How could one of the oldest, most resilient firms on Wall Street go so far astray that it had to be sold at a fire sale price?
WEST Ham legend Julian Dicks fears his beloved Hammers will "do a Leeds" if Gianfranco Zola is forced into a fire sale this month.
With uncertainty behind the scenes at Upton Park due to the credit crunch and its impact on owner Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson, there have been predictions of a fire sale.
There's no fire sale, at least not in the San Fernando Valley.
The Phillies started a fire sale July 28 when they traded David Bell to
The Savings and Loan crisis was born, accompanied by rampant foreclosures and a subsequent fire sale of real estate assets.
Many people might think that fund-raising was the job of the Board of Trustees, which once succeeded in selling the site of the Martha Graham School at what seemed to be a fire sale price.
Like Selig, Huizenga pleaded poverty, he blatantly lied about his finances, and when the locals failed to reward his 1997 World Championship with the ballpark of his dreams, he engaged in what baseball economist Andrew Zimbalist has called "the most radical fire sale of players in baseball history," leading to a disastrous 54-108 record.
One major company in the United States is already in its second year of a fire sale to raise cash for debt reduction.
Despite coming close on a couple, Hicks came away from the fire sale empty handed.
Moreover, our sense was that the consequences of a fire sale triggered by cross-default clauses, should LTCM fail on some of its obligations, risked a severe drying up of market liquidity.
Broad has a passion for picking up the assets of failing companies at fire sale prices and bringing in experienced portfolio managers to lift their performance.
in Wellington, New Zealand, writes to tell me about a sign he swears he saw "on a central city street this year, in a shop window: Fire Sale -- Soon.