fire salamander

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European salamander having dark skin with usually yellow spots

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Caption: Skin lesions on the face of a fire salamander show the ravages of a chytrid fungus species discovered last year, now suspected of escaping from Asia.
For taxon identification, the 16S rRNA gene of the Chlamydiales bacteria was amplified and sequenced from the livers from 2 yellow spotted newts (1 from the collection in Elsloo, the Netherlands and 1 from the collection in Munich, Germany), 1 Strauch's spotted newt, and 5 Corsican fire salamanders.
The salamanders seen in our clinic belonged to 1 of the following species: Salamandra corsica, the Corsican fire salamander (5 animals from 1 collection); Neurergus crocatus, the yellow spotted newt (11 animals from 3 collections); or N.
The rogue chytrid fungus that has devastated more than 200 kinds of amphibians worldwide has an accomplice: a second species that researchers have discovered attacking fire salamanders.