fire salamander

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European salamander having dark skin with usually yellow spots

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The fungus, nicknamed Bs, for Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans, came to the attention of scientists during baffling die-offs of rare fire salamanders in the Netherlands.
Histologic examination of 2 Corsican fire salamanders and 1 yellow spotted newt revealed hepatitis in 1 of the Corsican fire salamanders and the yellow spotted newt.
Or, if you live anywhere in Switzerland except the upper Wallis and Graubunden, you can hope to see the striking black-and-yellow marked, 18-centimetre-long fire salamander.
HATAY (CyHAN)- Four smuggled Near Eastern fire salamander also known as Turkish salamander have been seized at the Hatay Airport.
Researchers found the new fungus when volunteers reported a population crash in a yellow-and-black fire salamander, Salamandra salamandra (shown), in the Netherlands.
THESE handsome newcomers - juvenile Fire Salamanders - can be found in the zoo's Discovery Centre.