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Tenders are invited for installation of new ada restrooms and new ada doorway, installation of laundry hook ups and mop area, installation of floor area drains, installation of a new electrical panel, replacement of ceiling tiles, construction of an enclosure around the existing fire riser, and installation of a new air make up unit with an evaporative cooler and the replacement of the storefront glazing should budget allow.
the station shall also include individual dorms, individualized bathrooms with showers, kitchen area, day room area, dining room area, study room, laundry areas one for apparatus rags and one for clothes/uniforms, captains office, firefighter office, janitor and storage closets, mechanical room, cad room, entryway foyer with bathroom, exercise room, decontamination room, galley area for supplies, turnout room, workshop, fire riser room, potential bay vestibules, etc.
Work includes expanding the fire riser room, revising the sprinkler system, demolition, studs, drywall, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and low voltage to accommodate the the vault.
The new 15-bay pole barn structure will measure a nominal 280~x80~ with 32 overhead roll-up doors, 4 man doors, stoops, and interior fire riser closet.
This work shall also include the installation of a fire hydrant, valves, fire riser, back flow prevention device, meter box and other miscellaneous related items as depicted on the plans.