fire opal

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an opal with flaming orange and yellow and red colors


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TABLE OF CONTENTS: Boys and Arrows fringe bikini top, $110, Current/Elliott Bleached Out Boyfriend short, $218, both INfluence; BCBG striped shirt, $178, Saks Fifth Avenue; Jamie Joseph Mexican Fire opal ring, $860, Juno & Jove; earrings and bracelet, Jackie Rogers.
Lunari, as the name indicates is a collection inspired by the moon's timeless beauty where Hafner aptly reflects its mysterious allure in a blend of black gold, black diamonds, and flame coloured orange sapphires, rubies, amethyst cabochon, fire opal cabochon and citrine cabochon.
the light caught the fire opal on my hand so that it flashed once" (132).
Available in three gem tones, Tanzanite, pictured, fire opal or emerald.
She accepts his family heirloom, a six carat fire opal in the center of diamonds, as an engagement gift.
The sun was going down, turning the sky into a fire opal, the garden was full of the scent of honeysuckle and high above my head the swifts flew,as they have done every year of the 23 I've lived in this house.
The descriptions, which read rather like a restaurant menu ( 'Carved boar tusk, fire opal, agate, moonstone cab and cornelian beads', or 'Black jade carved by Lou Walker with fossil horses tooth, peach moonstones and reticulated silver') struck me as more fun to read than the actual pieces were to look at.
Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topaz, fire opal, garnet, tourmaline, labradorite, moonstone, and black star obsidian, are just a few of the stones available, all set in silver.
Inside it's mostly one grand space Like a fire opal half-hidden in the Sonoran Desert, this simple house doesn't reveal its flashes of color until you are inside and catch its sparkling variegations.
Blue Book Collection 18k yellow gold, rodochrosite, lapis and turquoise earrings with diamonds and 18k yellow gold ring with fire opal, pink sapphire, yellow diamond and spesserite beads.