fire marshall

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an official who is responsible for the prevention and investigation of fires

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The First Nation firefighters were still eligible to go through the office of the fire marshall if they wished.
SHCA, working with the Nassau County Department of Public Works, conducted programming interviews with over 50 departments and divisions of both the Police Department and Office of the Fire Marshall to determine the space requirements for the various functions.
The Fire Marshall representative wanted a wall around the entire space.
Hunter formally amended AB 2552 so that it now requires that the office of the State Fire Marshall work with the California State Department to develop education and training programs for any "health facility" personnel who work in oxygen-enriched environments.
While no one was injured, the home sustained substantial damage and has also been deemed unfit for occupancy by the Fire Marshall.
The City of Missouri City is soliciting quotes from vendors to provide ammunition for the Police Department and Fire Marshall s Office.
Made of quality PVC fabric, the Goff's curtain room dividers comply with the stringent California State Fire Marshall and NFPA Standards According to the spokesperson, these curtains are also resistant to most chemicals.
Eugene-Springfield Deputy Fire Marshall Amy Linder spent the afternoon introducing kids to Casey the fire dog, a friendly 2-year-old Dalmatian who helps teach kids about fire safety.
The Fire Marshall and First Selectmen will kick off the event.
The Fire Marshall said that, "[He] had received an unprecedented amount of public input and suggestions through e-mails, letters and public meetings," which urged him to drop his demands.
Also Friday, McNamara said that the Bureau Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Texas State Fire Marshall had arrested Bryce Reed, reportedly a paramedic in West, for possessing an explosive device, though whether this had any link to the blast is unclear.
Fire marshall Mark Schuler said: "Any hoax call puts people's lives in danger, whether because someone is driving in emergency conditions - and accidents do happen - or more commonly because a crew is five miles further away than they would otherwise be to a genuine emergency.
All tills and computers have to be switched off and each department has its own fire marshall to verify numbers.
The value of damage the fire caused was still unknown last week, Jonesboro Fire Marshall Craig Davenport said.
It will house all of Nassau County's Police Department headquarters functions as well as the majority of police bureaus and squads, the office of the Fire Marshall, emergency services and arson/bomb squad.