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a narrow field that has been cleared to check the spread of a prairie fire or forest fire


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The Whitewater Fire had been burning unchecked, but fire teams have fire lines etched around 50 percent of the fire's path, Bonnie Gisler, spokeswoman for the interagency team fighting the fire, said Thursday.
Speaker National Assembly said that nation pride of martyrdom of Pakistani soldiers on cease fire line as Pakistani forces have replied the Indian aggression in befitting manner and would continue this practice in future.
The forest officials claim that they have got the green chit for making a fire line to keep the forests safe.
Must indicate if homeowner has tapped into fire line.
However, drilling platforms, as designed, lie outside this safe perimeter and will not be safely operable while the fire line is active and uncontained.
The Project will include design, materials & labor for the installation of a new main fire line for Wahoo main fixed pier & removal & disposal of old main fire line on Wahoo Pier.
The Buckskin Fire in the Wild Rivers Ranger District remained at 60 percent containment, with crews continuing to do mop-up work and rehabilitate fire lines.
As exemplified at the Izel restaurant at Conrad Dubai, Planika's Fire Line Automatic is an automatic ethanol fireplace that leaves no ash or smell and is completely smoke free.
That was until they got a radio call sending them closer to the fire line.
Aligned with its corporate strategy to focus more on the personal accident and fire line businesses, Fuji Fire recorded a noticeable net premium growth in these respective business lines.
Camoro said operations to establish a five-meter wide fire line on the Davao side of Mt.
A fire line, he said is a gap in vegetation that acts as a barrier to slow or stop the progress of a bush fire or wildfire.
VALE - A 59-year-old man has died while working in a bulldozer on a fire line in Eastern Oregon.
2 -- 4 -- color) A bulldozer, left, completes a fire line around homes.
Taiwan's insurance market was liberalized in recent years causing intense pricing competition, especially in the fire line of business.