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a large hose that carries water from a fire hydrant to the site of the fire

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The Foundation's first research grant, to the Fire Protection Engineering Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, is intended to assist in the research and development of a fireproof fire hose.
The Fire Hose Pants were requested by the athletes due to the unparalleled abrasion resistance and three percent spandex flex.
com)-- An innovative and effective new product designed to solve a common problem for fire personnel, the Compact Fire Hose Cart, has been developed by Roger Eagle of Huger, South Carolina.
Being that a fire hose is made to be durable, it can be assumed (but not guaranteed) that the bag will stand the test of time.
Initially, we were using fire hoses to keep them away but they had machine guns and RPGs.
Fire hoses also are not governed by the requirements of NAVSEA Technical Directive S6430-AE-TED-010, Volume 1 cited in 505.
The laws that put teeth into constitutional guarantees followed images of black men and women whose struggle to make real the principles of the founding was greeted with attack dogs and fire hoses.
The black-and-white videos of marchers pummeled with fire hoses and protesters mauled by police dogs during his Birmingham campaign of the early 1960s are now iconic images of both the forces of injustice and the power of the human spirit.
He built in accordance with safety standards set for earthquakes, created enlarged fire escape staircases and added extra fire hoses, features that were not made mandatory until new building codes were introduced following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Listeners see the growing pains of a young country--because fire hydrants were not nationally standardized, the Washington DC fire hoses would not fit the Baltimore hydrants.
Wet noses and fire hoses are all part of the job for one member of South Wales Fire Service.
The heading in the ECHO should have read Blaze Crew Attack Yobs -that is, turn the fire hoses on them and wash them down the drains they come from.
Were the dogs and fire hoses, bombed churches and dead children erased from black memory banks?
The officers put out the blaze with fire extinguishers and fire hoses.
The hose is easy to operate and doesn't have the whip effect often found with larger commercial fire hoses.