fire hose

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a large hose that carries water from a fire hydrant to the site of the fire

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Manufacturer%s Specification Sheet For The Fire Hose Must Be Included In The Vendor%s Bid.
Fire hoses, made of woven cotton and nylon, are strong, flexible, and light enough for firefighters to wield with great effect under difficult conditions.
The Fire Hose line-up features reedsman Matt Palmer, trumpeter Arthur Brown, trombonist Dave Crossley, pianst Malcolm Hogart, banjoman Mike Dexter, tuba-hoister Billy Bedlam and drummer Denis Goodwin.
After salvaging reclaimed fire hoses, the duo creates one of a kind wash bags, key rings and cufflinks, using nothing but a little water to scrub them clean.
The Navy fire hose is rated to 300 psig test pressure and 600 psig burst pressure, failure modes could include hose wall burst, hose to fitting separation or end fitting (fitting with nozzle or cap) separation.
The fire hose and tap had been favourably commented upon and praised as they were clean and polished and shone like the noon-day sun.
To my knowledge the nation's fire chiefs have never applied to the Home Office for authority to blast scumbags with the fire hose.
Police are investigating after yobs are alleged to have flooded a pensioner out of his flat with a fire hose.
is an instant classic, Its 20 pages of heavy, color-printed cardboard are perforated with a 1 3/4-inch hole in the center, Inside are nine scenarios that call for a snake-like object to be inserted to complete the picture: fire hose, banana, sea monster .
The viral subplot is dire, but the fire hose sequence quite astonishing.
The Midwestern Indemnity Group; B (Curled up fire hose and hydrant); 17.
The six dancers engaged in aerobic off-balance slides and falls, as if being kicked to the ground, culminating in a sequence where Lemon battled with the hostile spit of a fire hose.
As the comet rotates, each jet is like a fire hose that whips around and turns on and off as it moves in and out of the solar spotlight, he adds.
He played three seasons on special teams for the Oilers and the Los Angeles Rams before trading in his football for a fire hose.