fire hook

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fire iron consisting of a metal rod with a handle

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Fire Axe with rubber handle 20 nos Fire Hook with handle 20 nos Fire Beater with handle 20 nos.
Tenders are invited for invitation of quotation for supply of other cat b stores : Refil Fire Extinguisher Foam Type for nine Itr capacity contents charger No 1 & 2 of 1 Kg Packet Make : Cease Fire/Omex/Minimex, Refil for fire extinguisher soda type Make : Cease Fire/Omex/Minimex, Fire Bucket Sand 9 Ltr Capacity with handle Approx weight 1 Kg duly painted with Red paint and marked as fire (In white colour), Fire Hook iron with 10 long Bamboo handle as per IS specifications, Fire Beater Iron Size Vx2~ with 10~ long handle of bamboo as per IS specifications, Fire hooter with effectiveness upto radius of 1KM etc.