fire extinguisher

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a manually operated device for extinguishing small fires

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Corrective measures, including changes to procedures for maintenance of fire extinguishers such as the one in the reported incident, are in place, the spokesman reported.
By early this afternoon in Nagano, George had re-examined the damaged rooms and said the fire extinguisher had been set off but that the rooms ``weren't demolished or anything like that.
Naphthalate Resin Blow Moulded Fire Extinguisher II-21
He said it is important for everyone to know the use of fire extinguishers to avert fire hazards such as leakage of gas cylinders, electricity short circuits and fires in the kitchen.
When the mission is over, make sure the fire extinguisher is returned to the same aircraft it was taken from.
It took three fire extinguishers and a water hose to knock down the flames so we could get him out of there,'' said rescuer Jerry Silvera, who had been working late in his shop nearby.
First things first--be safe and follow what the TM says, including always inspecting the fire extinguisher like it says in TM 1-1520-240-23&P.
They proceeded to spray the classrooms with a fire extinguisher that they took off the wall in one of the rooms,'' said Principal Karen Patterson.
FirePower911(TM) stands alone as the only validated and rated fire extinguisher in an aerosol can in the world.
INDUSTRY OVERVIEW II-1 Fire Extinguishers Market - A Prelude II-1 Outlook II-1 Key End-Use Markets - An Overview II-2 Non-Residential Buildings II-2 Residential Buildings II-2 Others II-2 Impact of the 2007-2009 Recession in Retrospect and the Road Ahead II-2 Global Market for Fire Extinguishers Posts Healthy Recovery in 2010 II-3 Construction Industry - A Major Driver of Fire Extinguisher Demand II-3 Table 1: Global Construction Market (2020P): Percentage Share Breakdown of Construction Spend by Region (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-5 Table 2: Global Construction Spend across Select Countries in US$ Billion for the year 2011 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-5
Handheld fire extinguisher (HHFE), NSN 6830-00-555-8837, contains a Class I ozone depleting substance (ODS).
A neighbor fought the flames with a fire extinguisher and the woman, who is in her early 60s, escaped with minor injuries, deputies said.