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a stairway (often on the outside of a building) that permits exit in the case of fire or other emergency

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Others, along the side and back of the building, where the fire began, could not even get to their fire escape.
Some tenants of the building, a mix of New Yorkers and Latino and African immigrants, climbed down fire escapes.
A logical and reasonable approach to providing a smoke-free environment in the fire escapes is to pressurize them with fresh air in sufficient quantities so that combustion gases are kept out.
In it she dances on a fire escape, which reflects her younger days, as Gaga explains: "I had a fire escape, outside my teeny-tiny apartment in New York.
Witnesses described a terrifying scene of panicked guests frantically trying to escape the building that lacked fire escapes, some flinging themselves from windows in desperation.
Dubai/ Fujairah/ Abu Dhabi: Fire escapes, extinguishers and alarms: Does your home have what it takes to cope with a fire?
There were no flames where we were but as soon as we were out we could see the other fire escape was alight.
Other guests who tried to use the fire escape discovered to their horror that it was wooden and was itself on fire.
Environmental health officers also discovered blocked fire escapes, faulty wiring and no health and safety policy at Angharad's in Pontypridd.
Highly-flammable materials were stored underneath a fire escape
Other fire prevention measures are regular maintenance of fire escapes, checking to assure exit paths are clear and making sure doors close to prevent the spread of fire and smoke should a fire occur.
As the days pass, he becomes familiar with his neighbors, discreetly ``spying'' on them as they garden or hang laundry in the shared courtyard or get some air on their fire escapes.
Despite the dark-gray zone that it occupies along with the horizon and the foreground, that structure's stonework, windows, cornice, and metal fire escapes are all specified.
He added: "All fire escapes in the college are out of bounds to students, so we do not know why she was up there.
The land manager who lights a fire may be held liable if that fire escapes and causes damage.