fire drill

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an exercise intended to train people in duties and escape procedures to be followed in case of fire

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Ian Hudson, station officer, said: "We learnt of the fire drill just 20 minutes before it started.
Dubai: The Civil Defence carried out two fire drills Wednesday- one at a school and one at a hotel as part of its annual plan to measure preparedness in case of emergencies.
The vessel was actually in Manila Bay during the fire drill.
The success of the fire drill has helped to ensure that all staff are fully aware of the procedures they must follow to ensure their own safety, customers safety, and uphold the integrity of the Bank s systems in the event that a fire or similar emergency happens.
Anam was among the 6,640 pupils of Our Own English High School, Dubai who underwent a fire drill at 9.
Making matters worse, the Chinese fire drill that coach Yuanan Ma's team pulled off - textbook defense interchanged with excellent off-ball support - began fraying away at the edges of Team USA's nerves.
The key elements for on-campus and off-campus college fire safety are working smoke detectors and sprinkler systems, work fire extinguishers and a proactive fire drill and evacuation strategy," Margaretta explained.
He sent e-mail to each of the staff and later, as a surprise, he planned a fire drill.
Agencies are churning out as many as 300 submissions in a year and they are realizing they need a more efficient and effective means for doing so- they can no longer rely on an annual fire drill where they just update the previous year's submissions.
One of those buildings, the 22-story Financial Plaza in Oxnard, became the scene of a fire drill to test the responsiveness and coordination of four fire agencies Sunday.
Two new first to market features for VERITAS Cluster Server are Fire Drill and Cluster Simulator.
It was an unannounced fire drill and an opportunity for us to put our training into practice with around a dozen staff involved.
Lions inspect the smoke-filled car during the fire drill yesterday
Activities lined up by PDRRMO-Bulacan Rescue this month include basic firefighting training of the provincial fire marshals on March 6; physical fitness activities for Bulacan Rescue and partners on March 8; fire drill and fire safety inspection in the provincial hospitals on March 9; training on hazardous materials on March 13-14; stakeholders' forum on fire safety on March 19; training on first aid; and fire drill for kiddie fire marshals on March 22.
Thea Padua, NCCC Mall spokesperson, said the last fire drill was conducted in July.