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a fire-resistant door that can be closed to stop the spread of a fire

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After a tenant let the officer in, the fire alarm was again found to be faulty, fire doors remained in a state of disrepair and there was a large hole in the kitchen ceiling, through which water was dripping on to work surfaces.
Location: Rolling fire doors with a counterfeit UL Mark have been found in Southern California, they may have been distributed to other locations.
A NEW campaign on fire door safety has been launched.
Five of the most common faults with the doors in the report include: Over one third having incorrect signage; Over 230 fire doors having excessive gaps between the door and the frame; 15% having damage to door leaf; One in five having unsuitable hinges; Over 61% having fire or smoke seals missing or installed incorrectly.
A You need a certificate that comes with new fire doors.
He said that is why he is backing calls for new laws and better maintenance of fire doors in privately-rented flats and multi-occupancy buildings run by private landlords.
After the attack, the Pentagon increased the number of fire doors to nearly 200.
com)-- LSS Life Safety Services, an industry leader in Passive Fire Protection Inspection services such as fire and smoke damper inspections, firestopping and fire door inspections, announced today the addition of Suzanna Stephan as the Account Executive for their new Dallas based office.
It's understood the pupil removed his shoes and socks before fleeing through a fire door at Cheviot Primary School in Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle.
A woman who escaped the inferno revealed: "There was only one fire escape and some of the fire doors are always jammed.
FLINTSHIRE based firm Fire Doors Ltd has secured a pounds 150,000 funding package from NatWest via the Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme (EFG) to support plans to boost its production capacity.
Some clubs and pubs are allowing the fire doors to be a smoking area, some clubs have scaffolding towers going up to fire doors and people are standing around fire exits.
It maintains UL-LSC for fire doors, and it installs quickly.
I appreciate the need for fire doors but can't believe with the sophisticated state of modern technology it couldn't have been designed to close more quietly.
These factors include lack of working smoke detectors, lack of automatic smoke dampers in the ductwork, open fire doors, failure of the nursing home staff to respond according to emergency plans, and the ability of smoke to travel in the open and undivided area above the suspended ceiling into resident rooms.