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a fire-resistant door that can be closed to stop the spread of a fire

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It bridges the gap between the conflicting demands of Part B (Fire) and Part M (Accessibility) of the Building Regulations as it provides sufficient closing force to comply with the requirement of EN1154 and CE marking for fire door controls, yet is suitable for use on access routes that require ease of opening to help building owners meet Part M and BS8300 (DDA) requirements.
LSS Life Safety Services specializes in the inspection and repair of fire and smoke dampers, fire doors and fire stop survey and installation services in commercial facilities.
The school updated the security on its doors during the past year and it now has coded locks on most of its exit - this is not possible on fire doors for health and safety reasons.
She said Mr McHugh opened the fire door then quickly closed it behind him, turning off a light inside the stairwell.
The blaze gutted the garage, breached the roof, and almost had gone through the fire door between the garage and the kitchen.
One regular at the shop in Glasgow's Silverburn centre said: "It's ridiculous a store the size of M&S would keep a fire door locked.
I appreciate the need for fire doors but can't believe with the sophisticated state of modern technology it couldn't have been designed to close more quietly.
NCKU Fire Protection and Safety Research Center has joined the team of fire door inspection since 2001.
An emergency prohibition order was narrowly avoided when the landlord was told to fit a fire door to the kitchen and install a series of radiolinked detectors as an interim measure.
A NEW campaign on fire door safety has been launched.
STAFF at an outdoor shop are living in fear of a repeat raid after burglars used a car to smash through a fire door earlier this week.
com)-- LSS Life Safety Services (LSS), an industry leader in passive fire protection inspection services such as fire damper inspections, fire door inspections, and firestopping services announced today that Mr.
VANDALS put lives at risk when they torched abandoned furniture outside a fire door at a multi-storey block of flats.