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the department of local government responsible for preventing and extinguishing fires

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The Gasburg Volunteer Fire Department will receive $46,116 to purchase an air compressor and fill station equipment;
Hurd, 33, has worked six-plus years at the Fire Department, serving as one of three regional public information officers.
Louis and Philadelphia fire departments over the course of eighty years seems an extraordinary amount of work for so little pay-off, but it does give this book its old "new social history" credentials.
By updating or eliminating these provisions, the Fire Department of New York City will do much to advance energy conservation and sustainable design goals while reducing the cost of building construction.
The Metro-Dade Fire Department played a critical role in the recovery effort.
170 if a building used in a trade or business or held for rent is donated to a local fire department for use in fire training drills (i.
Fire departments all across the country are being asked to do more and more with less and less funding," said Billy Goldfeder, a nationally-recognized fire service instructor and leader who is deputy chief of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department in Ohio and co-founder of FirefighterCloseCalls.
The following Virginia fire departments will receive funding under the AFG program: The Roanoke Fire-EMS will receive $1,000,000 in funding to purchase self-contained breathing apparatus equipment and upgrade their accountability system, The Dungannon Volunteer Fire Department will receive $261,905 in funding to purchase a new tanker and; The Clinchco Volunteer Fire Department will receive $168,000 in funding to purchase self-contained breathing apparatus equipment;
City officials, facing a long-term struggle to have a Fire Department that reflects the city's demographics, believe a recent series of high-profile incidents has made their job of recruiting more difficult.
Within minutes, ambulances from American Medical Response with 12 Emergency Medical Technicians along with units from the Concord Fire Department were on the scene.
McKinsey & Company--a consulting firm well known for its corporate work--interviewed many fire department and police department officials.
3 "Farmington Hills Police Department Five-Year Plan: 1995-1999," Farmington Hills Police Department, Farmington Hills, Michigan; "Farmington Hills Fire Department Five Year Plan: 1995-1999," Farmington Hills Fire Department, Farmington Hills, Michigan.
Kuntz became fire chief of the Red Lodge Rural Fire District #7 in 1996 and assumed the role of fire chief for the Red Lodge Fire Department in 2003.
Fire Department who sued over a now-infamous dog-food incident.