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the department of local government responsible for preventing and extinguishing fires

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Greene: Richhill Township Volunteer Fire Department, Wind Ridge, $7,500;
What all three of these cases show is that the Fire Department could use a big overhaul, not just begrudging reforms.
If it passes, the Fire Department would hand out building permits and supervise inspections, according to the Daily News.
Kleinman cautions that each building needs its own life safety system plan developed prior to installation and approved by the Fire Department.
Fire safety system are not supposed to go through the fast track Directive 14 process, he added but noted that the Building Department could approve it anyway, only to have the Fire Department find it illegal later.
The new Cleveland Fire Department mobile response vehicle for bio-chemical weapons contains an advanced microscopy system enabling specially trained WMD Responders to conduct tests and assess substance identification while on-site at a "hot zone.
Illinois: Crete Township Fire Department, Crete South Holland Fire Department, South Holland Valmeyer Fire Department, Valmeyer Dupo Volunteer Fire Department, Dupo Barrington Fire Department, Barrington
In Oklahoma, the grants total $166,588 and cover communications equipment for the Country Corner Fire District in Sperry; a wellness and fitness program for the Drumright Fire Department; and firefighting equipment for the Boise City Volunteer Fire Department.
A longtime friend and former paramedic who's accompanied Hurd on ride-alongs with the Fire Department says her buddy quick-clicks with people.
Sunny Point Fire Department responded to the scene with four members of its Dive Rescue/ Recovery Team, a 19-foot rigid inflatable boat, side scan sonar and other required dive equipment.
That firemen have embodied traits associated with the most pronounced versions of manliness was a novel component of Amy Greenberg's thesis in Cause for Alarm: The Volunteer Fire Department in the Nineteenth-Century City (Princeton, 1997), which definitively makes the case that antebellum volunteer fire companies were far more intent on shoring up manhood than feeding class conflict.
The provisions of the New York City Fire Department Rules and Regulations that require a licensed refrigeration engineer to constantly man certain refrigeration and air conditioning systems are a prominent example.
First, both police and fire department personnel established command posts.
Management officials should examine the level of experience and skills of the members of the municipal fire department to determine if a foundry fire brigade is warranted.
As a planning alternative, taxpayers should consider making a charitable contribution of the structure to a local fire department for use in training drills.