fire control

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preparation for the delivery of shellfire on a target

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Buildings that have proper fire control systems installed are able to reduce damage that would otherwise be a hefty burden on building owners and occupants alike.
Deputy Director (Forest) will follow up the matter subsequently and Establishment for fire control room at Fire Brigade Headquarters.
The Zolfaqar-3 also features considerable upgrades to the fire control system, chassis, engine and main gun, with a 125mm autoloader.
The APG-68(V)9 enables engagement of air-to-air and air-to-surface threats with greater accuracy and at greater ranges than legacy F-16 fire control radars.
The complexity of turning 46 fire control stations into nine was difficult, especially with the level of antagonism and disagreements with the contractors.
It's believed that a group of private investors currently own the Durham site, along with four of the other unused fire control centres.
MPs say the scheme to replace 46 fire control rooms with nine new regional centres in England and Wales has been "poorly executed and badly managed'' and lessons had not been learned from previous mistakes.
A CONTROVERSIAL scheme to build new fire control centres - which is already years behind schedule and hundreds of millions of pounds over the original budget - could have to be scrapped, MPs were told yesterday.
A Picatinny weapons development team was recently awarded the prestigious "Top Five Department of Defense Program Award" for its work on the 120mm Dismounted Mortar Fire Control System, or MFCS-D, during the National Defense Industrial Association's Systems Engineering Conference in San Diego Oct.
A SPOKESWOMAN for Communities and Local Government said: "The new fire control system will better serve the public in today's world and save more lives.
SigniFire[TM] can be interfaced with conventional fire alarm systems to provide early notification and when interfaced with a fire extinguishing system, it accomplishes fire control at the smoldering stage, the earliest stage of a fire.
Dear Editor, I have worked in Fire Control, which is based above Central Fire Station in Lancaster Circus, for eight years.
The Government's proposed regional fire control rooms would have collapsed under the strain of the recent sharp increase in 999 calls to emergency incidents, warns the Fire Brigades Union.
Forest Service fire control officer who first used air attack on fires in 1955 in Mendocino.