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a private or temporary organization of individuals equipped to fight fires

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The Santa Run is a half-century tradition The Flanders Fire Company #1 and Rescue Squad has driven Santa around town since the 1960s, when members escorted Santa from a local airport to a local service club's annual Christmas meeting.
In addition, CSC Spencer also received a certificate of heroism from the Gales Ferry Fire Company, which also named him an honorary Gales Ferry firefighter.
The firefighters at Delta-Cardiff Fire Company do not believe themselves to be heroic, but to the people of Peach Bottom Township, heroes they are.
Czapka serves as Assistant Chief for Fire Company #3 in Wayne, New Jersey.
Many Whiteaker area residents and business people had become alarmed during the past couple of weeks as the union distributed fliers and bought newspaper ads that said the department was planning to close a fire company at the station.
In Pennsylvania, Silberline president and CEO Lisa Jane Scheller, along with director, global automotive marketing, Tony Reed, and staffers, lined the Mary-D Fire company sports complex with 65 sugar maple trees, with assistance from the Schuylkill conservation district, Schuylkill Township, and a team of Little Leaguers who play baseball on the field.
Salka has spent 29 years in the FDNY and is currently serving as a battalion chief, and he provides this fire company guide to company officers who need to compare operations and training in rural, suburban and urban settings.
The two-ton, 14ft high cross sits on a concrete base shaped like the Pentagon at the Shanksville Volunteer Fire Company in Pennsylvania, just a few miles from where the hijacked plane crashed into a field.
Americans United received calls from area residents after media accounts detailed how members of the Jackson Mills Fire Company transported the statue, known as "Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin," to New York City for a Sept.
Subsequent articles calling for the creation of a volunteer fire association resulted in the formation of the Union Fire Company, whose members were some of the most prominent men in Philadelphia, including signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Mike Hart, of the Bart Fire Company in Pennsylvania, said: "It's going to be razed and topsoil brought in and grass planted.
In 1736, Benjamin Franklin created the Union Fire Company as an organized volunteer fire company.
In the past, eliminating effects from chemical and biological decontamination were accomplished through the help of the fire company, M8 decontamination paper, protective wear, and military and civilian contractor equipment, said Smith.
She was a hero of sorts to members of the fire company as well.
On February 9, 1861, an impassioned young man whose name has been lost to history bolted from the north doorway of the state Capitol building and sprinted a hundred yards across an open lawn to the Jackson Fire Company No.