fire brigade

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a private or temporary organization of individuals equipped to fight fires

British name for a fire department

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HORSE POWER: British Thomson Houston fire brigade in 1904.
Summary: A Bonfire Night strike by firefighters in London has been called off by the Fire Brigades Union.
London Fire Brigade assistant commissioner David Brown said they were "extremely disappointed'' at the breakdown of the talks.
of City,Iwas been I keep in touch with fire brigade matters and I find it very disturbing to see the proposed cutbacks.
We will incorporate these equipments in Mumbai Fire Brigade within one year.
The fire brigade was summoned but this time the six men from the Wagle fire brigade did not take the stairs -- as is the norm.
The entire roof and part of the third floor caught alight in the blaze a spokeswoman for the London Fire Brigade said.
By the time the fire brigade arrived staff had evacuated all 10 patients to the emergency department.
The Fire Brigade, the National Guard and the police rushed to the scene and caught the fire in time before it spread.
This text can be used for all four levels of the Industrial Fire Brigade: the Incipient Industrial Fire Brigade Member, the Advanced Exterior Industrial Fire Brigade Member, the Interior Structural Industrial Fire Brigade Member, and the Industrial Fire Brigade Leader.
LAST week, fire brigade personnel visited Year 1 and Year 6 to tell them how to keep safe when there is a fire.
STEPHANIE MORRIS sent in these pictures showing her dad and uncle when they were part of the Dunlop fire brigade in the 1940s.
Steve - who plays Phil Mitchell in the BBC soap - explained: "My parents were saved by the local fire brigade in a fire at their home in Falmouth.
Six units of Dublin Fire Brigade battled the blaze at the Polly Hops bar on the Newcastle Road, Clondalkin, at 4.
Mr Bogle worked for the County Durham And Darlington Fire Brigade, and last night unions said the 51-year-old's claim was the "tip of the iceberg".