fire blight

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a disease blackening the leaves of pear and apple trees

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The source of Gem's fire blight resistance is the cultivar Barseck," says Bell.
An inspection showed an infestation of codling moth, pear psylla, fire blight and grape mealy bugs.
Jon Clements, spokesman for the Massachusetts Fruit Growers Association and UMass Extension fruit advisor, said that while this year's Central Massachusetts apple crop is average, and better than expected based on the spring bloom, the occurrence of the fire blight is the worst he's seen in 14 years.
A: Your tree may be suffering from fire blight, a bacterial disease that spreads through pollinating insects.
As with pears, the Chinese quince suffers from one disease that needs to be managed, fire blight,.
That may explain why the Environmental Protection Agency is granting "emergency" permission to the state of Michigan to spray apple orchards with gentamicin to fight a tree disease called fire blight.
The most devastating epidemic, fire blight, put an end to most commercial pear growing in the eastern U.
apples, designed to prevent a plant disease called fire blight, are not supported by scientific evidence.
Japan originally imposed the quarantines after finding fire blight disease in U.
The new yellow and light-golden pear, named Blake's Pride, has not only excellent eating quality, but also resistance to fire blight, a devastating pear disease.
I've seen scorched-looking branches on plants in the pear family from fire blight, and excessive numbers of cucumber beetles have transported the disfiguring disease of mosaic to squashes.
Parameters measured were fruit set, scion and stock trunk cross sectional area, fruit drop, yield, fire blight (Erwinia amylovora) susceptibility, fruit size, firmness, soluble solids content, and juice pH.
Serenade is based on AgraQuest's patented strain of Bacillus subtilis, a microorganism that is effective against several crop-damaging pathogens, including powdery mildew, walnut blight, Botrytis bunch rot and fire blight.
Fire blight wreaks havoc on a growing tree, spreading quickly when the weather is warm and humid.
The product, named "Amylo-X[R]," will be launched in Italy by Intrachem Bio Italia SpA for control of Botrytis and other fungal diseases of grapes, strawberries and vegetables, and bacterial diseases such as fire blight in pome fruit and PSA in kiwi fruit.